Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trend trial run: Colourblocking

When I was in my early 20s, my Mom offered to hand me down these 'classic' (her words) high-waisted, buttercup-coloured cropped linen pants with matching vest. At the time, I'd hear 'classic' and think 'fuddy'. Knowing I would never be caught dead in a pair of pants that basically came up to my armpits I turned her down (but nicely, gotta respect your parents people). But what goes around comes around, and mama - the one who gets rid of everything - had the foresight to know I'd come to love them. And that is the story of how the pants-that-almost weren't wound up headlining this post.  

I decided to give the colourblocking trend a whirl, adding a fuschia tee, teal sweater and light green bracelet, plus some colourful flower pins. I kept my makeup simple with just a quick swipe of colour on my lips.

Tell me - Yay or nay? Have YOU tried colourblocking an outfit?

Long-sleeved shirt– Dynamite
Tee - Jacob
Pants – Tuzzi
Shoes - Guess
Pins – Thailand markets
Bracelet – Aakriti Designs


  1. I love that your mom saved the pants for you even though you initially turned them down! I've had lots of hand-me-downs out of my mom's closet over the years, but mainly of the comfy sweater variety :) Personally, I have mixed feelings about colour-blocking. I love the way it looks in photos- case in point, yours! You look stunning- but in real life I'm a little bit wary of so much colour at one time.

  2. Kat I absolutely love those pants on you-your Mom knows best! :) Colour blocking is so much fun- I need to do it more often.

  3. Wow, what a great oufit and I'm glad you kept those pants, they look amazing on you! My mom had great clothes too but sadly she had to leave them all behind when she left her country so no hand me downs for me :(

  4. You look so cute! I don't think I ever set out to colorblock, but I often end up doing it just by default.

  5. You look great with this colorblocking!

  6. I love the Bracelet you wore that day! I personally think this is one of your greatest outfits. I cant seem to colour block for the life of me...Need to stop buying black and browns on get into colours! :)

  7. Your white pants are awesome! Love all the colorblocking!

  8. I loved the pants and honestly when I was reading the text I was expecting a bright yellow pair, so was a bit miffed to see the ivory-ish shade in the photos. I think you look gorgeous in the teal sweater, but the fuschia top is not getting much prominence for the combination to be intense color blocking. If that makes any sense. :)


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  9. Tashrin - you have a point! I just looked for what I had in my closet ... maybe this post would more aptly named 'Colourblocking - the Lite version' ;) To be fair though, these photos don't quite do the colour of the pants justice. Objects in photos may be more yellow than they appear.


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