Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mom, you're a trail-blazer who lives by her own rules. You are one of the most intelligent, practical and resourceful women I know. I respect your sense of curiosity about the world and the people around you. I appreciate that you always follow through on what you promise. But most of all, you are caring, sincere, generous, and a great listener.  I'm lucky to be your daughter.

I love you xx


  1. That is an awesome picture of you and your mama... she looks very stylish!
    You asked if I might ever share landscaping pictures of my own place on my work post... well, right now we have nothing because we moved into our house in November and the former owner took out very garden. We will definately be busy starting that again... I don't know if I will ever post pictures of the front though due to security reasons. Gotta be careful on the www...:)

  2. What a sweet post and I love the photo of you and your Mom- what a stylish pair!

  3. Cute pic Kat! Btw - lovin the new blog ;)


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