Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Canadian's guide to jackets: the car coat

This is the third post in my 'A Canadian's guide to jacket' series. 
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THE OCCASION: Car errands


This coat was a lucky score from a family member who used to work for Lolë and got a great employee discount. Its warmth rating is lower than my down parka, so it's ideal for transitioning into and out of the coldest months of the year. A streamlined shape and less bulky fabric make it my go-to outerwear when I'll be ducking in and out of heated cars and buildings. 

For this type of jacket, I look for water-resistant material, easy zippers, a non-bulky hood, well-placed pockets, and roominess for layers. I'd recommend sticking with a quality brand, but trying to shop the end-of-season sales. The black colour acts as a canvas for colourful hats and scarves (skimp) and won't be ruined when you accidentally brush up against a dirty car. Touchpad gloves (splurge) let me check my phone without freezing hands, and aren't too slippery on the steering wheel. My shearling-lined boots make sure my feet never get cold. I love that this style isn't too clunky. I hate walking around a store feeling like I have kettle bells strapped to my feet.

Jacket - Lolë
Jeans - Guess via Winners
Boots - La Canadienne
Hat - Barts via Tommy and Lefebvre
Scarf - RW & Co.
Gloves - J. Crew 

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