Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tunic, repurposed as a shirt

I've worn this tunic the usual ways...belted, unbelted, with jeans, with leggings, with a vest over top. One morning when looking for a toned-down colour to offset my flashy yellow skirt for work, I decided to try it tucked in, as a top. Then I decided I needed something around the waist, and settled on my stone belt. A good hair day and deep wine red lipstick finished things off. The shoes didn't make it into the photos but it's just as well. N pointed out that my deep green scaley pumps would have been a fun alternative to the black ones I was wearing.



Tunic - Jacob (also here and here)
Skirt - Caroll (also here)
Belt - Swapped (Salena's Collection) (last seen here)
Shoes - Thrifted (Naturalizer)
Earrings - Thailand markets


  1. I love it Kat. I just thifted a bright yellow skirt and I am inspired by the shoe color choice that your husband thought of and your belt paired with this skirt. Lovely darling. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. That slouhcy tunic top is the perfect pairing for your bright fitted skirt! Love the combo (I saw a Refinery29 article on dressing down your pencil skirt and you did just that!) and that stone belt is AMAZING! I'm in love with it.

  3. That belt is fantastic, the design is beautifully done, and it really showcases the yellow of the skirt. (I'm loving the bright color, yellow is such a happy color to see and so few people wear it.)

  4. That skirt is great! And the belt is awesome too. Awesome outfit, it looks great on you.

  5. wow, yellow and grey - beautiful combination!!!

  6. So pretty Kat and I love that lip colour on you! I hope you had an amazing time in Brussels- can't wait to hear about it!

  7. I love this outfit! The yellow & gray look great together...and are such great colors on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. such a great outfit and combination! It suits zou perfectly!

  9. The yellow skirt with a relaxed top is super cute. That belt and the earrings are incredible.

    Thank you for all your very sweet comments. I'm glad you liked the vlog. I don't know what pinning is but I'm grateful that you pinned me.


  10. this is sexy in a classy & professional way.


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