Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY for sewing novices - button swap

Collectively, these coats cost me $22 and a 1/5 of a lasagna. The red peacoat was from a clothes swap, so it was $0. The cuffs needed rehemming, and since I can't sew, I took a lasagna and five pieces of clothing needing repairs to my friend's mom. Still following? She even added a nice black trim. The second coat was a $12 thrift store dream find - virgin wool, beautifully designed and with a pretty fuschia lining. But I thought both could be spruced up with some new buttons, so I dropped another $10 at Fabricland. I didn't take any pictures pre-alteration, so just squeeze your eyes shut really tight and use your imagination. The red coat came with boring red buttons, and the navy coat had none. I was told that without buttons it looked like a housecoat (ahem, B). Now it just looks like the coat of a Russian spy. Who bakes lasagnas.


Coat - Swapped (Jacob)
Buttons - Fabricland
Jeans - Superblue (Australia)
Boots - Thrifted (Etienne Aigner)
Socks - Lorpen
Earmuffs - ? via mall kiosk
Scarf - Gifted
Gloves - Auclair via Winners

Coat - Thrifted
Buttons - Fabricland
Pants - Thrifted (BCBG)
Shoes - Old Navy
Gloves - Auclair via Winnera
Gift - Gifted from Dooney and Burke


  1. That red coat is awesome, and it looks great on you. Now you've got me thinking of Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy.

  2. Haha you crack me up- a very stylish cook at that! I love that bright red on you- really looks great with your skin tone! P.S. You've inspired me to make Greek Salad- I bought all the ingredients and am making it for dinner tmr :)

  3. Kat, is that second coat vintage, it looks as if it is. They are always made so well and super warm. It looks great on you. Funny story. I am now hungry. I love lasagna. Dawn Suitcase Vignetttes xo

  4. kat you're funny! your coats look fab. it helps to know people that sew. in my case it's my mom. i eat lasagna, but haven't baked one in ages.

  5. These coats are great! Lasagna as a trade off was a great idea :)

  6. I love the new buttons! And it is so great that you swapped food for the service :) I have a few pieces of clothing that I intend to swap the buttons on.. one day! Eventually! Oh my...

  7. I like both coats. But I LOVE the peacoat. What a great idea with the trim and the new buttons. What a deal. I can't believe someone gave that coat away. Wow.

  8. asecondglanceblog9 January 2013 at 14:04

    It wasn't in the vintage section, but I think it is based on the faded and fraying fabric tag and the quality of the workmanship. Besides, vintage sounds so much more exotic than thrifted.

  9. asecondglanceblog9 January 2013 at 14:04

    Let me know how the Greek salad turns out! Now I'm hungry for it again. Can I come over?


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