Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bridesmaid's dress in style evolution

This coral bridesmaid's dress from my BFF's wedding in 2012 is an ever-evolving piece in my wardrobe. On her big day, it was full-length and worn with delicate jewellery. 

A year later, I had it altered it to knee-length. I wore it with a chunky pearl necklace and white-hot nails to ring in my birthday in Montreal. 


I wanted to breathe new life into the dress for a late summer wedding this year. My fitted black waxed denim jacket, a long beaded tassel necklace and buckled stilettos gave the delicate chiffon pleats some edge, and toned down the girliness.

The military style of the jacket seemed fitting: the wedding took place on a military base. 

To create a cleaner line for the necklace, I snipped off the fabric flower decoration on the bust and secured it to my clutch with a little double-sided tape.

It was a nice wedding, with lots of dancing and the chance to catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while. The weather was ominous, but what are a few grey clouds when you're wearing a colour this cheerful?

Dress - Bari Jay
Jacket - Paola Prata (consigned)
Shoes - Aldo
Clutch - Coach
Necklace - Consigned


  1. I love how you've remixed this into your wardrobe! The top part of that dress is so gorgeous and it looks great with that jacket!

  2. This is so beautiful dress and I am glad that you remixed this dress into your wardrobe! Well, I am also the bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. Her wedding is going to be held at the garden wedding venue in Los Angeles so I’ll buy a floral dress.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I love the idea of patterned dresses for a wedding - it's the new frontier. Hopefully it's a style you'll be able to wear again and again.

  3. Such a pretty dress and I love the changes you made with it. It is so rare that anyone keeps a bridesmaid dress, but this one is so pretty and your changes make it very versatile.

  4. Oh I came so hard to the blonde pic! I’m still throbbing.


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