Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter whites

This is one of those easy, everyday work outfits. Look closely though, and you'll see a hint of the 1990s (and no it's not ME, I'm older than that). This velvet burnout scarf is from Jacob, circa 1998. Also known as devoré (French for 'devour' - appropriate enough), the burnout technique consists of using a chemical process to dissolve the fibers in portions of solidly woven fabrics for a sheer effect. It was trendy in the pre-millenial years, but I think it's due for a one-woman revival. In any case, it gets my vote over cutoff mom jeans.




Blazer - H&M
Top - Tristan, thrifted
Pants - Elie Tahari outlet
Scarf - Jacob
Shoes - Coach outlet
Earrings - Gift 

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  1. You've kept it for that long? Holy smokes! I think it looks really great with this outfit-- and really brings a lot of texture to the look. Sophisticated texture!


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