Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A day at the museum

I just realized I'm pretty much a walking ad for Banana Republic in this post. I guess you could say I'm doing my part to help keep my BFF (who works at headquarters) employed ;) Thanks for all the friends and family coupons M!

I wore this for a casual weekend afternoon visiting the Museum of Nature, which is housed in a beautiful Gothic building that's also a National Historic Site of Canada. We're lucky to live in a city that's home to a number of great museums, but we don't always take advantage of what's at our fingertips. A visit from out-of-towners offered the excuse we needed to fix that! My favourite parts of the visit were the blue whale skeleton, which stretches about 30 meters across the gallery, the dazzling colours and textures in the minerals section, and discovering that I weigh seven wild turkeys.


Top - Banana Republic
Cardigan - Banana Republic
Jeans - Banana Republic
Loafers - Cole Haan
Necklace - Banana Republic

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  1. Sometimes, I feel like this too. Whenever I go to BR or GAP, for some odd reason, I end up buying outfits instead of just pieces. So maybe that's why? Your new hair color is looking so great! I almost didn't recognize you. and your makeup is STUNNING!


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