Saturday, November 29, 2014

Outsized art

Outerwear is all-important in Ottawa's climate. Everyone tries to get as much mileage as possible out of cute fall coats before we settle in for the long haul of parka wear. As that draws nearer, I've been alternating between this peacoat and a puffer vest layered over a slimmer puffer jacket. 

My friend took these photos during a Saturday afternoon visit to the National Gallery on a grey November day. I hated this spider sculpture, called Maman ('mother' in French), when it was first installed but I've come to really like it. Its legs seem so delicate to be balancing a 30ft x 30ft structure of steel. The underside of the sculpture reveals a sac containing several dozen marble eggs. It's one in a series; others can be found in places like Tate Modern and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Within the gallery, we spent most of our time admiring a gigantic installation called Leaves of Grass, by Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer. It consists of about 13,000 images cut out from old issues of Time Mazagine, mounted onto dried grass sticks. The images are arranged thematically and chronologically, spanning five decades.



 {Leaves of Grass installation - photo source}

{Leaves of Grass installation - photo source}

Coat - Zara, hand-me-down
Skirt - H&M, thrifted
Boots - Ecco
Scarf - Winners
Hat - Joe Fresh
Gloves - Winners
Bag - Leo Monk

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