Friday, November 07, 2014

Honeymoon cruisewear: Flowy print trousers and a blazer

This summer, I obsessed over finding a pair of flowy print trousers I liked. Eventually, I gave up the search. It must have been meant to be, as I snagged this cute pair from a bag of clothes being given away by Nini, mere days before our trip. I played up the safari vibe with an earth-tone tank, then added a tailored blazer, heels and a clutch for a bit of polish. The tank has cute mesh detailing on the racerback, but I just realized my hair's covering it in the photo. The stretch pants were just the thing for indulging in the cruise's unlimited desserts!



Pants - Forever 21 via  hand-me-down
Tank - 9/15 via Saks Off Fifth
Blazer - Banana Republic
Earrings - Hand-me-down
Bracelet - Aakriti Designs, Toronto boutique, Aldo Accessories
Clutch - Coach
Shoes - Guess via Winners

{Dazzling Myknonos, Greece}

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