Monday, August 18, 2014

Intimidation factor

This dress kind of intimidates me. This dress is the kind that could swallow me up. The shiny polyester fabric is unforgiving, and the bold print daunting against fair skin. I find that strong accessories help stand up to it. Not unlike a Shiraz paired with game meat. Instead of toning things down - say with soft waves - I decided to just go for it: gold accessories, a slick bun and pointy buckled stilettos. To see how I've previously conquered this dress, but in fall temps, click here.


Dress - Ripe Collection (also here)
Shoes - Aldo
Belt - Consigned
Earrings, bracelet - Hand me downs


  1. I think you showed that dress who's boss, Kat!!! You wear it with perfect aplomb!

  2. you look AMAZING in this dress. I am loving those shoes too. Great look.

  3. This is a very bold dress - and definitely outside of what I normally see you wearing, but I love your attitude about it. It's so true, sometimes you just have to go for things and in this case, it works so well. I especially love your hair styled this way!


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