Thursday, February 13, 2014

Teenage nostalgia

American Eagle was one of my favourite stores as a teenager. The clothes and ads filled with beautiful, toned bodies beckoned with fantasies of endless hazy summer days filled with concerts, friends, beaches and road trips. The reality was closer to chores, homework, after-school jobs, and the emotional roller coaster that came with navigating the eternally complicated world of teenage friendships and relationships. But, I still remember some of those absolutely perfect moments: standing on a skateboard rocking out to a great band, feeling the warmth of a sun-warmed car seat on the back of my bare legs when I slipped behind the wheel of my parents' car, or the titillating thrill of a flirtatious glance from a boy-crush. 

When I spotted this soft plaid flannel shirt at a thrift store, a wave of nostalgia washed over me and I bought it. Summer may still be a long way off, but I wrapped myself up in the memories of the carefree times of my youth. 



Jeans - Forever 21
Tank - Banana Republic
Top - American Eagle via thrift store
Vest - Eddie Bauer via thrift store
Boots - Ecco via Winners
Necklace - Gift
Earrings - Steelex


  1. I had the same relationship with American Eagle as a teenager - it was, in so many ways, the be all and end all of style, perhaps because much of it was so unattainable, not only in price (on my meager allowance) but also in reality. I lived in Winnipeg, after all, not California. I've moved away from the brand since but recently rediscovered and I have to admit, it brings back a lot of very nostalgic feelings, but only in the best way. And the clothes are so much cuter than I remember! This flannel shirt is perfect :)

    1. I hear ya! I could basically afford the underwear. Friends swear by their jeans though, even today! Given everything else has gone the designer price route, they may actually be affordable

  2. You look cute in this outfit Kat. I have never shopped at American Eagle, but I have always thought there clothes were cute. By the way, the blog is looking GREAT!

  3. It's like you jumped right out of an American eagle catalog!

  4. plaid will forever be tied to our teenage selves :) you look great in yours!


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