Thursday, December 05, 2013

Island of misfit clothes #8: the go-to bar shirt


Throughout university and even after, this shirt has been one of my go-to bar tops.

Pros: It's cleavage-enhancing. For a top that cost about $20 it feels made for my shape. I feel confident in it. It has held up incredibly well and doesn't feel dated (yet). The gold and silver embellishment means I have options when it comes to jewellery. At the same time, the small amount of embellishment won't compete with a lot of jewellery. It's wrinkle-free.

Cons: I just don't seem to have enough occasions to wear it anymore. It's low-cut enough that I have to be wary of when to wear it. 

Solution: Pack it for a weekend getaway with my fiancé and father-in-law (again, the beauty of wrinkle-free). Wear it to dinner on Friday night with black print cropped skinnies, a long blazer and booties for a slightly edgy, downtown look. 


 {Oh, just your standard kick-back pose}

{Only shot where the pant detailing showed up}

Pants - Calvin Klein via outlets
Top - The Urban Apparel Group via Winners
Blazer - Tristan via outlets
Booties - Guess via thrift store


  1. Such a great top - it does fit you perfectly. And I love it paired with those pants.
    I have a few tops like that - where they're only appropriate for a few occasions so I can't forget that I own them when the time comes up!

  2. kat, you rock that top! the end.


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