Saturday, March 09, 2013

Island of misfit clothes #4: The dark grey wool suit skirt


I had this skirt made in Vietnam in 2010 as part of a 3-piece suit (skirt/pants/jacket). Originally, it was more straight cut than shown.

Pros: It's lined wool and a classic work piece. I have a matching blazer. It was made to measure.

Cons: It can look dowdy. Over time it has lost some of its pressed polish. It has no belt loops.

Solution: I had the skirt altered from a straight cut to more of a pencil shape. To make it look more sexy/less matronly I wore it with a light-coloured lacy camisole, high heels and statement earrings and glasses. I wore it with the suit jacket to emphasize the tailoring that went into making this suit.

Suit -  Chichi
Camisole - Banana Republic (also here)
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Bag - Dooney and Burke
Earrings - Witchery


  1. Sometimes a little tailoring can go a long way - there's nothing dowdy about this suit these days, it looks so polished and put together. And I definitely approve of the lacy pink camisole underneath, not only does it definitely take away any hint of matronly-ness, but the combination of pink and gray is always a winner :)

  2. I hope you had a fabulous time in BC! I just love this suit on you, sassy! You are dressed for success :) That pale pink is stunning on your skin tone and I love you in glasses!

  3. When I saw you in this 2 piecee suit I fell in love. and of course it had to be tailor made, because it just fits your like a glove. good call on getting it altered...its a piece youll have in your closet for decades to come.

  4. great solution!!! You look amazing in this suit! Custom is definitely the way to go if you wanna rock it!
    ♥ laura
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  5. yeah, I would say the skirt no longer looks dowdy or matronly! The entire suit looks great on you!! very stylish and polished :)

  6. Fabulous outfit matched with great pair of designer eyewear.. Loved it..!


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