Thursday, February 28, 2013

Island of misfit clothes #3: the Aztec print teal/cream sweatshirt


I got this US Polo Assn. brand sweatshirt at a clothes swap two years ago.

Pros: The Aztec print is great for winter. I love the colour, and the wide scoop neckline is unlike anything else I own.

Cons: It's short and super-boxy. The extra-long cuffs emphasize the fact that it's a sweatshirt.  The colour is hard to pair with casual bottoms like blue jeans (plus I have an aversion to denim + teal). 

Solution: Discover a perfectly-matched necklace in your jewellery drawer(!). To avoid looking too casual, fold back the cuffs, and pair with more tailored bottoms. Choose a colour that will complement the teal nicely: bright yellow. 

Epilogue: Originally I planned to wear this top with burgundy pants (here), my white puffy vest and faux-shearling boots (both seen here). But the pants shrank in the wash and are now too short :( so I went for the yellow skirt instead. I must have tried on 10 outfits; this was the best I could manage and even so I'm not crazy about the red shoes. Sometimes you have to let go, and this top now has a new home in Nini's closet. I pass the challenge baton to her!

Top: Swapped (U.S. Polo Assn.)
Skirt: Thrifted (Caroll) (most recently here)
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Handmade (also here)


  1. It's such a pretty print and color, especially paired with the yellow. Sometimes though, things just need to go. I have a Stay or Go scheduled for Saturday. It's great having blogger buddies help you make decisions :) Heather

  2. That looks awesome! I never would have guessed that anyone could make that sweatshirt look so polished.

  3. I really think that it looks great worn like this, Kat!!!! Maybe wear another color for the necklace too, like a red or a pink! I'm sure Nini will make it look equally stunning as you did!
    ♥ laura
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  4. I love see your misfit clothes and how you're trying to make them work - it's definitely not always an easy task! I think you did a great job with this sweatshirt, it's such a beautifully contrasting match with your yellow pencil skirt. Personally, I would have chosen a heel with it, but I think you're probably quite a bit taller than I am and likely don't need it ;)

  5. kat, you look dynamite! it's such a pretty top. it's that blue i like, and it reminds me of snowflakes. i like how it looks with the yellow fits you perfect skirt. i give this outfit an A+. :)

  6. you are really killing your misfit clothes challenge! This look is so fun, I LOVE it! The colours look great together & the pattern on that top is so fun. looking at the top hanging by itself it's hard to think of ways to style but you've done a great job!


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