Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Black-and-rose jumpsuit

I've been looking forward to wearing this jumpsuit ever since I bought it on Boxing Day. An opportunity finally presented itself when my friend invited me to get tickets to a chef competition organized by the National Arts Centre's Southam Club. The dress code was sort of dressy, but artsy, so I went for a look that was loosely inspired by female tuxedos. The jumpsuit has great detailing, like an asymmetrical neckline (not visible here) and an open slit down the back. What I DON'T like is that the pants are heavier than the blouse part so they tend to tug downwards when you walk. I added a belt but it wouldn't stay put. I may take them to the tailor to see if an inner elastic or something might help. That's just my word of caution for future buyers...

 A group of about 10 of us ended up going to the competition and we had a BLAST. We got to eat and rate each chef's creation as part of a decadent 5-course meal. The chefs had to use winter squash and I was blown away by their creativity and skill. Our table enjoyed spirited debates about the merits of one dish versus another and shared lively conversation.


Jumpsuit - Zara
Shrug - Laura (also here and here)
Belt - The Limited
Ribbon - from a Gap sweater
Purse - Consigned (Bob Mackie)
Shoes - Liz Claiborne
Silk rose - Vintage hand-me-down
Bracelets - Aakriti Designs, Le Chateau and hand-me-downs


  1. Ooh the back of the top part is gorgeous! I love the flower in your hair too. Hopefully you can find a solution to the bottom half, because this jumpsuit is beautiful. Heather

  2. A chef competition sounds like so much fun! I love that top, soooo gorgeous and your shrug adds the perfect hint of glam. Looking stunning Kat!

  3. I would never have guessed this was a jumpsuit, it just looks like two lovely separates! It's a shame it doesn't stay put the way you'd like, but it does look wonderful on you :) The chef's dinner featuring winter squash - my favourite! - sounds absolutely delicious :)

  4. kat, you look perfectly pretty, all fancy with artistic flair. i bet you were so in your element at that chef event tasting food, rating it, and having a good time with your friends. boo to pants not fitting right. i hate when i have that problem.

  5. Oh wow, I wouldn't have guess this was a jumpsuit, it looks like a beautifully cut pair of trousers and a pretty blouse! (So, a very well made jumpsuit then!) This has to be the prettiest jumpsuit I've seen, I love the dusky pink of the top. That sounds like it was such a fun event to go to, lots of yummy food!

  6. Your hair is so cute here (as is your whole outfit)! How do you go about getting the nice curls in your hair? A curling iron? Love it. :)


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