Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coral minidress

Blogging has encouraged me to expand my horizons and try plenty of different silhouettes and styles. Some I already know don’t work for me, like most strapless tops or dresses. So I avoid them. But there’s something nice about discovering a shape that seems to work with your body type and sticking to it. In my case, short stretchy skirts worn with a looser-fitting top half that ends at the hip (other examples here, here and here). When I spotted a dress that brought all those elements together in a pretty coral colour, at a thrift store right before our trip to Florida, I was smitten.

Thank you for the congratulatory messages on B and my engagement (these pictures, incidentally, were taken a few hours before). We're SO happy and excited. I promise to get back to regular AND more winter-appropriate posts shortly, but in response to some of the questions you've asked: He proposed by the beach after dinner (in French!). Though we'd long been planning a future together, the proposal was genuinely a surprise. He asked for my parents' blessing beforehand. He proposed with a promise ring so we could go pick out the actual ring together. And we're planning a wedding in 2014. I'm marrying a guy who's incredibly genuine, kind-hearted, committed, fun-loving, intelligent and funny, and feel like the luckiest girl!! Our relationship is loving and real and I look forward to growing old together. I love you B.


{My hubby-to-be!}

Dress – Thrifted (Bebe)
Shoes – Guess via Winners
Clutch – ? (Gift)
Bracelet – Le Chateau and hand-me-down
Ring – Le Chateau


  1. kat, you look lovely, and sound over the moon with joy! you rock the summery ensemble.

  2. such a romantic story :) Yay for you guys, so happy for you!! Also, you look fabulous in that red dress!

  3. dawn suitcase vignetttes2 December 2012 at 20:59

    Kat, you look hot as helloooo!!! i envy your ability to wear this type dress...for real. Congratulations....he is really good looking and you make a gorgeous couple. wow!! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. You look stunning Kat! your legs look sky high and I'm so glad you've found a partner who makes you as happy as B does! cant wait to hear more about wedding planning and winter posts! xoxo


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