Thursday, November 15, 2012


This dress is a reminder to me of how much choice there is in fashion nowadays. When I was starting off my career eight years ago, I searched high and low for a shirtdress for my tiny but growing work wardrobe. This dress from Winners was all I found. Nowadays they're ubiquitous; available in every colour, print, fabric and button size. Although this one wasn't quite what I was looking for at the time, it's really grown on me. The print is timeless even if the material is a bit clingy and does not photograph well. And depending how you accessorize it, you can play up the colours (red shoes and belt) or mute them (olive jacket). Speaking of accessorizing, one of the photos below shows the belt with a bib necklace I taped on. In the end, I decided I preferred it without any adornment. Plus the necklace wouldn't stay put. Have you ever tried 'belt jewellery'?

Anyways, this dress also let me indulge in one of my favourite fall/winter trends this year - pops of red, a colour I NEVER used to wear. What trend have you 'fall'en for?


Dress - Ripe Collection via Winners
Jacket - Deane and White via Winners
Shoes - Shoe Republic via sample sale
Tights - Costco
Belt - Swapped (Brooks Brothers)
Belt adornment - from necklace (Laura)
Bracelet - Hand-me-down
Earrings - Walmart


  1. That dress is beautiful and I really love the fabric. Now, those shoes are awesome. I hope, hope, hope to wear heals someday!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it's pretty! kat, i don't think i ever heard of belt jewelry before. i guess that makes me clueless. unlike you, i've always liked/worn red. now you even have red lipstick! i do think i went through a time when i never thought i'd wear orange. that changed maybe 5 years ago. so yes, our style does evolve, as do we. have a wonderful weekend 8 years into your career lady! :)

  3. It's crazy how it seems like there's so much more nowadays! (I suppose fast fashion is to thank for that.) I know what you mean though, I love a great shirt dress and until a few years ago, I could only find them at the thrift store and they were always quite the alterations project. I think this dress actually looks amazing in the photographs, I love, LOVE how you choose to wear brown accents rather than black with this dress, it makes the print looks so modern and it just looks so chic. (And the red heels are perfect!)

  4. The dress looks very versatile. The red shoes Telly make the red in the print stand out.

    Fashion and The availability Of stylish clothing has come a long way in Canada at least over the last decade. We have so many more store options and clothing styles than before.


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