Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Leaving on a jetplane

As you read this I'm embarking on a first - my first work trip abroad! I'm going to Brussels for three days of meetings and a conference, then one day of exploring. I'm equal parts nervous and excited for this opportunity and I hope I do a good job representing the organization. I've scheduled a few posts for while I'm away. Enjoy :) I will catch up on comments soon, promise!

I wore this outfit to a clothes swap I hosted a little over a week ago. I was too busy with hostess duties to remember to take photos :S On her way out the door, I begged my friend L to take a few shots of my and Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras' outfits. Emily always manages to come up with the most creative ensembles and this one, with bright red tights, funky hat and tied blouse, was no exception. Head over here to see more photos of her outfit, links to her swap finds, and to read her musings about crop tops. Emily's outfit inspired one of my own...coming up soon!

As for me, after the swap I ended up with a silk cream blouse, a citrusy casual summer top, an off-the-shoulder tee, a long black column dress with intricate beading at the neckline and a red Obi-style belt. I'm thrilled. Tell me - what are your thoughts on clothing swaps?


{I ruined the only full-body shot with my closed eyes but had to post it}

Jeans - Superblue (Australia)
Top - Thrifted (no label)
Belt - Thrifted (Bianca Nygard)
Tank - Dynamite (also here and here)
Shoes - Lela Rose for Payless (last seen here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - Walmart
Ring - Le Chateau


  1. That top is gorgeous! You look wonderful. I really like clothing swaps, but I don't know many other ladies who'd actually fit in the clothes I'm trying to part with anymore hah.

  2. SOOOOOOOOOO jealous that you and Emily got to hang out. I would love to hang out with the two of you.

    Kat, the blouse and ballet flats are great!


  3. Loved the top, grate print and all the best for your work trip
    following you now :)


  4. Amazing! Belgium is incredible - have lots of beer, chocolate, waffles and fries+mayo, that country seriously knows how to entertain!

  5. Yay you posted the pics- I just loved that thrifted top on you! Have an amazing time in Belgium and take lots of pics!

  6. That shirt is AMAZING. I love the fit and pattern, it's just beautiful to look at. (And I love your nails, they really work with that shirt!)
    Have a fun time on your trip!

  7. Look at you two hot ladies. What a great post. So nice to see two people that I love to follow along with, meeting up for fun things. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. Jessica Poupore27 March 2012 at 21:38

    I'm craving that frittata recipe that you made for the swap! It would be perfect for Easter brunch - can you share it? xo Jess


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