Saturday, April 09, 2011

Signs of spring

The purse below was a birthday gift from B. It's from Leo Monk, which was a bit of an institution in the neighbourhood where I lived in Sydney. All their handbags are hand-crafted from Italian leather and distinctive for their multi-panelling and mix of colours and textures - which is very me. I'd been eyeing this earth-tone one for weeks but most of the bags are a mix of vivid colours. Minimal advertising keeps prices quite reasonable for what you're getting (under $200).

I recently spent a weekend in Toronto visiting my lovely friends. This shot was taken at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which I recommend checking out if you haven't already. The purse makes a reappearance.

This dress transitions well between seasons, depending what it's paired with. I've worn it with a wide black belt, velvet blazer, and high black heels, as well as with a grey cashmere cardigan, brown leather jacket and brown textured tights. I'll pair it with gladiator sandals and lots of bangles for a casual summer day.

I got a great deal on this boyfriend blazer about five years ago when everything was coming up cropped. It didn't get much use for the first few years of its life but I was happy to dig it out of the closet recently. The riding pants with knee detailing were a Winners find. They're as comfortable as sweatpants and dressier than leggings. I make sure to wear them with a longer top for work.

I was in a rush so I threw this on for casual Friday at the office.

I lost the white fabric belt that came with this blazer, but I like how it looks with this alternate, which I usually wear around Christmastime.

I was over the moon when I found this art-print silk Chanel top at a vintage boutique Sydney for $50. I've also worn it untucked over dark skinny jeans, and with a high-waisted black miniskirt and wide black belt for a night out.

When winter rolled around this year, I realized I didn't have any long-sleeved shirts to wear with leggings, so this Boxing Day find from Jacob was a welcome addition. I've found the quality at Jacob has gone down over the years and the prices have gone up. But at $20 with a hint of cashmere, slight bell sleeves and a drawstring creating a drop waist effect (behind belt), I realized there's still some life left in this troubled Canadian retailer.

Pairing this billowy silk sundress with dark separates allows me to wear it, even in early spring. I love the unusual colour and rutched tops are one of the few strapless styles I can pull off.


  1. You're an inspiration Katrine! Great first post. I am so excited to read your blog and have a little insight into your always spectacular style sense. :)
    (That vintage dress from Germany is beautiful).

  2. Fantastic. This is by far the best fashion blog I've read and it's only the beginning. Can't wait to read more!! I love all your Winners picks - why can't I ever find anything I like there??

  3. Congratulations on getting the Blog up and running! love what you have done : )

    looking forward to more posts and restaurant reviews! : )


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