Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Canadian's guide to jackets: the rain parka

This is the eighth post in my 'A Canadian's guide to jacket' series. 


THE FORECAST: 0°C. Freezing downpour, windy. (a.k.a. the WORST)

THE OCCASION: Anything that absolutely requires me to be outside, rather than curled up under a blanket on the couch

THE JACKET: MEC Gortex rain parka

I keep this jacket around for the weather I dread the most: wind whipping up icy particles that sting every exposed bit of skin, before melting into a permeating dampness *shudder*. The jacket is old and kind of ugly, but it's functional and waterproof. (I spray it twice a year with an all-weather protector). I layer my quilted down jacket underneath for added warmth. 

The one thing that puts a smile on my face is my Kamik Flora rain boots. I discovered the brand when researching alternatives to Hunter boots. They're Canadian manufactured, 100% recyclable, and surprisingly warm. I've only owned them for a year, but they seem built to last. Plus, I get compliments every time I wear them!

Jacket - MEC
Jacket - Lole
Hat - Gymboree
Gloves - Winners
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Kamik via SoftMoc

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  1. I never get to wear parkas and coats because it is warm almost all year long where I live. You look cute in your coat.


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