Thursday, September 04, 2014


I've scheduled this and the next couple of posts to go up as Brad and I are away on our honeymoon. As I write this, my suitcase is packed, the condo sitter is lined up and my mind is wandering to the moment when I'll step out on our cruise ship balcony and look out over the Greek Isles. Bliss awaits...

On the subject of Europe, I received a book from a dear friend called Paris Street Style, with great photos to ogle. Having spent my high school years at a lycée filled with its fair share of French ex-pats, I've always had a soft spot for European dress. There were parts of the book I disagreed with: the premise of the book is basically that fashion is what you make it. They then they proceed to list a litany of so-called fashion 'rules'. However, I agree whole-heartedly that French women bring a certain insouciance to the way they dress. There's often one thing that's not quite perfect in their ensemble, and that distinguishes them from their completely put-together American counterparts. 

Take this outfit. Any American fashion magazine will tell you to pair a slim pencil skirt with heels, and the higher the better. High heels can feel like such a easy road out. Of course everything looks better with a gorgeous, leg-elongating shoe. Well *#$ it, I decided to go with flats.


Skirt - Femme de Carrière
Tee - French Connection
Jacket - Saks Off Fifth
Shoes - Cole Haan
Belt - Ann Taylor
Bracelets - Aldo Accessories


  1. I love how you have styled the skirt with the striped tee and a belt.
    Thank you for the visit.


  2. You know what-- I would totally go with the flats too. And that is so very French not to try too hard, right? I KNOW you will have a wonderful vacation! can't wait to see pics!


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