Monday, January 27, 2014

Staycation countdown

January's a crappy month at the best of times and this one fit the bill. There was a setback at work, my much-needed get-together with my sister and girlfriends was cancelled by bad weather, we had some needless expenses, and little things seemed to go wrong every day. On the other hand, we were the recipients of acts of kindness. And a heartbreaking loss suffered by friends - the very same ones beset by an equally terrible tragedy just 7 months ago - made sure we kept things in perspective. 

There are good times ahead: we're marching towards our May 10 wedding date. And B and I decided to break up the stretch between New Year's and Easter with a week-long staycation, starting on Valentine's Day when we've made a 'date' to go pick up our marriage certificate at City Hall. I've literally never taken a vacation at home since I started working, so I'm super excited! We each drew up lists of things we want to do. On mine is to visit Ottawa's Winterlude, go see my grandparents, spend a day at the outdoor baths in beautiful Gatineau Hills, actually sit in the gym's massage chairs after a workout rather than rushing home, kick back and watch the Olympics, finish one or two books, and cross a few more things off my to-do list. 3 weeks to go!!!


Pants - Elie Tahari via outlets
Blouse - Liz Clairborne via thrift store
Sweater - Banana Republic via thrift store
Shoes - Aldo via thrift store
Necklace - Claire's

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  1. Staycations are great! i wish I was scheduling one soon... I'm going on a couple short trips soon, but I really like just having a free week to just chill!


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