Friday, August 03, 2012

Seersucker and grommet detailing

I thrifted this tee-shirt for its cute seersucker and grommet detailing. But I haven't quite been sure how to style it, what with its boxy shape and casual vibe. When I saw fellow blogger Pearls and Paws wear a similarly-accented tee with a classic pencil skirt (here), I realized I'd been over-thinking things. I found a good match in a denim skirt I bought in high school but recently had tailored from an A-line to a pencil skirt. But, Pearls and Paws wins the best accessory award with her adorable dog Rex.


{I had to take some liberties with the lighting. 
Originally all the photos were waaaay too dark.}

Top - Thrifted
Skirt - Jacob
Shoes - Thrifted (George)
Bag - Thrifted (Chloe)
Hat - Thrifted
Fabric belt (on hat) - from a pair of Jacob's pants
Bracelets - Vancouver Aquarium gift store and gifted
Earrings - Gifted


  1. Super cute look! Love the hat and the top. You can still wear clothes from high school? That is amazing!!

  2. kat, you are such a beauty! isn't the 1st time, i've said it, & it won't be the last. take as many liberties with the lighting as you want. everyone edits their photos. don't they?

  3. Extremely cute!! Nice work on tailoring an old item into something more current :) I did that a few years ago when I found a pair of (embarrassingly) wide legged MAROON jeans - god what was I thinking. By Wide leg, I mean like 3 feet around, each leg. I turned them into a maxi skirt! was cute, but the denim was way too heavy to ever look right so I eventually donated them - hopefully they have a third life in their future, so much fabric!

  4. I like your thrifty find girl. That skirt is also very nice. Shows off your fantastic figure.
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  5. asecondglanceblog8 August 2012 at 08:27

    Sometimes good judgment is out to lunch when we're in stores, eh? I would not be shocked at all if your pants/skirt turned up in the fashion blog world somewhere. Probably as a hat or something. If you want to be amazed at people's creativity - there are actually blogs out there dedicated to granny chic!


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