Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sweaters in spring

This outfit saw me through a recent rainy and miserably cold spring day (sidebar: Enough with the crappy weather already!! My wedding is in 2 days!!) 

I drew inspiration from an earlier outfit (here) but replaced the flats with THESE AWESOME HEELS and ditched the turtleneck. I felt sexier, but I still froze at work. Canada, eh?

As for the belt, I decided I liked the look of buckle off-centre. Just because.


Sweater - Tristan via thrift store
Skirt - Carroll via thrift store
Shoes - Aldo outlet
Necklace - Jones New York via thrift store
Belt - The Limited


  1. So exciting!! Wishing you great weather and a beautiful time at your wedding!

  2. I admit it - I've already read this post during a blog browsing spree on transit home from work, but I actually had to come back to comment because I love this look so much. I am not a yellow girl, as I'm sure you know, but you've made me want to give it a try with this outfit. The chunky sweater, strappy heels and belt all compliment the skirt so perfectly and the colour pop is fabulous!

  3. holy gorgeous! you are a vision. & those shoes. the whole ensemble is a beauty. oh & i realized you've been married 20 days, so more than 2 wks.


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