Monday, August 27, 2012

Tailored summer neutrals

I wore this to dinner with a dear friend who was visiting from Australia, and again a few days later when we had extended family in town. My 16-year-old cousin O took the photos and of course we had fun with it. She suggested I stand on the diving board and pretend to jump in, and I decided to try a handstand on the lawn. In the midst of it all, I realized I completely forgot the bring the belt I'd worn the first time around. Oh well. I tried to convince O to get in a photo with me but she was too shy. She's a beautiful dancer and artist, and has a poise and sense of self I wish I'd had at her age!

I picked a slightly matte orangey lip colour, which looks more red here, to play off the neutrals in the rest of the outfit and wore my glasses as another black accent. I turned my scarf into an infinity version with a couple of strategic safety pins.


{I meant to wear this belt with my outfit. Use your imagination.}

Tank - Dynamite (also here and here)
Camisole (underneath) - Joe Boxer
Shorts - Gap
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Scarf - Consigned
Watch - Kenneth Cole
Earrings - Witchery


  1. Your legs go on for miles you supermodel you! I love your glasses and the infinity scarf is such a great accessory! What fun photos, if I tried to do a handstand I would fall flat on my face!

  2. What a cute outfit. Love the color combo. Bet you had a good time with your friend from Australia.
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  3. These shorts are divine! I cant believe you got on a diving board in that cute outfit! I know me and I am 90 percent positive that I would have lost my footing/balance and seriously have being a sopping mess! love the shoes too!

  4. Kat, I am quite impressed that you can do a handstand, LOL. I love the scarf with the tank. I usually tie my scarf into a not to make it into an infinity scarf. Love this look and it can easily transition into fall by just putting on a blazer and swapping your shorts for jeans. very cute look Kat.

  5. The Closet Shopper29 August 2012 at 17:41

    Holy crap you look amazing. Don't JUMP!! haha xoxo, Tracy

  6. Kat, you are so athletic, with style & grace. Looks like you had fun with O.


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