Sunday, August 12, 2012

A navy dress and statement accessories

Apparently in another life I was a mountain goat. I can’t think of any other reason why I’d clamber up a rocky wall in a dress and 5” heels. I wear this incredibly soft and comfortable, richly-hued dress a lot. Yet it’s only shown up on the blog once before, when I wore it with a pearl necklace and polka dot short-sleeve blazer (here).

This time I choose equally vivid accessories, including an eye-popping statement necklace I can’t wait to wear into fall/winter. One recent Sunday morning, I was having coffee with an old friend in a little cobblestone courtyard in Ottawa’s historic district where I live when I spotted my parents going by on their usual weekend bike ride. My mom had a bag in hand. It turns out she had stopped at a sample sale at a boutique next door and bought me two necklaces for $5 each, including this one, and a sweet floral tank with a braided neckline. How sweet! She encouraged me to swing by myself after our coffee. I found a pair of sky-high red suede peep-toe pumps for $20 and a cool tee for B…all before the rest of the stores even opened for business!


Dress - Joseph Ribkoff via Laura (also here)
Necklace - Roadtrip via sample sale
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Bracelet - Le Chateau
Earrings - Gift


  1. lol. I think you would make a fashionable mountain goat. Lovely outfit. The blue looks stunning on you.
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  2. Those shoes are amazing. WANT. Love them with the navy dress.

  3. lol at the mountain goat comment, the first thing I thought when i saw this post was how awesome the pic looked because you were on a rock shelf! This dress is a great colour, you look very polished & sophisticated!

  4. Katie of alaskan Weredork18 August 2012 at 03:41

    You must be part mountain goat, to have gotten up there in those (fabulous) heels, I am seriously impressed! This necklace is amazing, its so big and chunky, but I like the floral hints in it, with the flower inspired shapes. And that dress looks stunning on you.


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