Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sorry for the grainy quality of these and other recent outfit photos. I was fighting a rapidly setting winter sun and what are clearly the wrong settings on my digital camera. While I'm at it - sorry as well for the cans of tomato I forgot to put away...

I have a tendency to be a little matchy-matchy in what I wear, and I'm trying to get away from obvious colour pairings. A recent example: old me wanted to wear black boots with this outfit, new me tried brown, and liked the result even better.

Now that I'm done expressing my Canadianess and apologizing and being self-deprecating, let's move along. Brown and blue were another unexpected combo I tried recently, but I still played it safe with solid colours. I liked how a cowl-neck knit tee ends up looking like a scarf when worn under a cinched blazer.



Blazer - Femme de carrière, thrifted
Top - Dynamite
Pants - BCBG, consigned
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Coach Outlet
Necklace - Gorjana
Earrings - Gift

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