Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wedding invitations

A wedding invitation is a guest's first glimpse at the colour scheme, style and formality for the day, and I wanted to create a sense of continuity with ours. A crafty friend offered to help design and make the invitations, to save money and AS THE NICEST GESTURE EVER. I had a general idea of the elements I wanted to include, like layered textures and a mix of cursive and print fonts. Together we tossed around ideas until we had finalized the design and material quantities. 

With my bridal party all living out of town (and Brad by mutual decision not being involved in any artsy aspects of the planning), my mother rounded up a team of wedding angels to help make the invitations. We persevered through printer problems and laughed over the designated paper-cutter's mixup of left and right. So what if a few of the invitations were off-centered? They were a labour of love.


We bought two types of ivory card stock, based on what was available when we picked up the supplies. One had a nubby plaid texture (shown here); the other a pearly sheen. 

Our initials were done with a customizable stamp pad. While the ink was still wet, we drizzled gold glitter over top, shook off the excess, and heat-melted it. It created a cool raised effect and gorgeous shimmer. 

The ampersand wasn't showing up properly on some of the invitations. I eventually cut my losses and improved with little pink pearl stickers from the dollar store.

Pinterest Tip:
Discreetly number the reply cards, associating each with a specific guest or family. If someone accidentally sends the card back without including their name, you'll know who it belongs to.

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  1. Oh that really was a very nice of her! I love how your invites turned out!


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