Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road trippin'

These were the only blog photos I took on our New England road trip. We pulled over somewhere outside Ogdensburg after spotting this picturesque fence and swing set. 

I'm trying out the neon bra under a semi-sheer top trend. It needs the right occasion (road trip, concert) but it sure kept me cool on a sweltering day!


Shorts - Forever 21
Tank - Dynamite
Sandals - Thailand market
Belt - Pac Sun
Bag - Dooney and Burke
Sunglasses - Boathouse
Necklace - Vancouver Aquarium giftshop


  1. Woohoo! Road trip! Love how golden you are looking in these shots! and those sandals are beautiful!

  2. Cute look! And a road trip sounds just about right. I'd love to go on another one this summer!

  3. I love those sandals, so great! neon bra/tank, the neon doesn't really show through but maybe it does in real life? either way it's a cute, summery look :)

  4. you're looking stylish with ease. rock on dear kat!


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