Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Instant hem extension

What do you do when you have a long-sleeved minidress that's too short for work and a sequined skirt that's too sparkly for work? Layer them. I used a beaded belt to tie together the moody blues and blacks. I found the belt at the thrift store with the original tag still on. It was expensive by secondhand standards ($15) but the beading continues around the back and is quite exquisite. Also it's from Tristan and they tend to make quality goods that hold up well. The original price was $65. 

The stonework behind me in the photos is the side of an abandoned building just down the street from where N and I work. We were happy to discover such a pretty and secluded little nook for photos. You will probably see us here again. I think it'll be really pretty after the first snowfall...if we can drag our butts out into the cold!


Skirt - Reitmans Petites (also here and here)
Dress - ? (bought in Slovakia)
Jacket - Thrifted (Femme de Carriere) (also here and here)
Shoes - Guess
Belt - Thrifted (Tristan)


  1. Gorgeous outfit Kat, I love how you layered that skirt and the beaded belt is phenomenal, really pumps up the outfit. The colour of that blazer is great as well, I am always drawn to Femme de Carriere clothes but not the prices so you scored an amazing thrift find. Happy Halloween!

  2. What a great idea, Kat! One of the few things I liked about working in an office was seeing just how far I could push the boundaries of the dress code while still staying just inside of it... but this is something I never came up with. And it looks great!

  3. kat, you made a little black dress! ;) they all look like they belong together. nice abandoned building for the backdrop.

  4. This was one hot little number but subdued enough for the office! the pictures dont do justice to how cleverly and wonderfully this fits you.

  5. Oh, that was such a good idea! (Now I know what to do with my shorter skirts and dresses, I don't need slips when I can just layer them. The possibilities are endless.) It's subtle but I love the sparkles as a second layer under the dress, it really picks up the belt! the larger blazer is the perfect foil to the short dress and is so you!


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