Monday, October 01, 2012

Boho with a faux fur shrug

In honour of the weekend, I'm posting an outfit I wore to dinner last Saturday for a troika of birthday celebrations with 'les gars', a group of close male friends I've known since my pre-teens. No surprise here, I was feeling inspired by the 70s. A (consigned) beaded Bob Mackie purse will do that to a girl. After a couple of quiet weekends of painting, cleaning, organizing and errand-running, it was nice to put on some makeup. This past weekend I headed to Kingston, Ontario to visit my sister in her new city of residence. We were joined by our close mutual friend - and recent newlywed - M and her hubby, who live too far for anything but the occasional get-together. It was great to make the most of a weekend with a few of my favourite people. I packed a batch of homemade chocolate-chip cookies and a suitcase of cozy clothes for layering. We enjoyed sunny lakeside walks and saw the leaves start to change colours in a picturesque town that is also my former university stomping grounds.


 Shrug - Laura
Top - Hand-me-down (Olsen)
Jeans - Seven
Sandals - Guess via Winners
Purse - Consigned (Bob Mackie)
Earrings - Le Chateau
Necklace - Witchery
Bracelets - Le Chateau, Aakriti Designs, Joe Fresh, Toronto boutique and gifted
Rings - Le Chateau and hand-me-down


  1. wow kat! that sounds like such a fun weekend. you look marvelous. that is one super mackie bag. i wear the perfume, & that's exactly what the box looks like. :)

  2. I love this look. Everything about it is chic.

  3. Katie of Ak Weredork9 October 2012 at 02:26

    That purse is straight up fabulous! I love the beading, it's very intricate looking and is very glam, it works perfectly with the beautiful shrug. It's always so fun to get out for a night and to have a reason to get dressed up! (That big cocktail ring is lovely, it looks lovely with your nails.)


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