Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fuschia top

I took these pictures during a date night shortly after getting my hair cut and highlighted by my beloved hairdresser. I'm usually the last appointment of the day and as we've gotten to know each other, we often wind up chatting and playing around well beyond my appointment time. This time she taught me how to curl my hair with a straightening iron, tried a new volumizer product on me, and crimped a few pieces of hair for a fun effect. Best of all, she's always patient with me - whether I've tried to trim my own bangs and messed it up, switched to toner treatments between highlighting appointments to reduce my hair maintenance costs, or taken my freshly-coiffed hair to the gym right after an appointment.

This time my post-appointment plans involved dinner, not a workout. After putting on my pants, top and shoes, I felt my outfit needed a little something extra. None of my belts were doing the trick, so I ended up using a long, narrow silk scarf instead. An upcoming post is all about belts, so be sure to look out for that one!!


Pants - Consigned (BCBG)
 Top - Violet & Claire via Winners (also here)
Scarf (as belt) - Anne Klein (also here)
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Earrings - Walmart


  1. lovely top.i really like your look so cute with this hairstyle.

  2. I love your hair like this! its so much for for a night out on the town.

    and I have to say the idea of using a scarf as a belt is fabulous!

  3. Tammy @ Silverstyle5 July 2012 at 17:53

    I love the detail on the top. The pretty face and stylish hair are like icing on a cupcake!

  4. Your hair looks great Kat- I still haven't found a hair dresser in Ottawa who I love. Speaking of love, that purple-fuschia colour on you is gorgeous and I love how versatile scarves can be, very cute as a belt!

  5. kat, you look glamorous! the shoes with the blouse are perfect. fun scarf as a belt.i once had a hairdresser who taught me how to curl my hair with the straightening iron, as well.

  6. Kat, this look is so sophisticated and sexy. Love the angle cut of your hair, a great stylist is priceless. Your shoes are hot! Also, I love the idea of date night. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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