Saturday, May 26, 2012

Navy wedding guest attire

This is my last post before a 2-week hiatus. I was offered an amazing opportunity to replace my boss on a work trip to Geneva, Switzerland, which I could not turn down! But with just 4 days' notice I haven't had time to plan any posts while I'm away. In the meantime, here are some photos from a recent wedding that B and I co-MC'd.

My Mom bought me this incredible dress from Laura which is a great style for those who'd rather show off legs than their waist. It would make a cute early-maternity style too (don't read anything more into that than the bride at the wedding was pregnant!). I DIY'd my shoes by tying satin ribbon into bows ($0.89) on the back. Then I pinned a pair of sparkly earrings through the knots in the bows. 

This evening I'm running my 10K with some girlfriends and about 10,000 others; wish me luck! Can't wait to cross it off my bucket list. Update: B just called to say he placed 2nd in his Olympic distance triathlon this morning!! He raced for his mom and I couldn't be happier...or more inspired :)



Dress - Laura
Clutch - Coach
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Ribbon - Fabricland
Earrings (on shoes) - hand-me-down
Bracelet - Le Chateau
Ring - Winners


  1. holy gorgeous kat, batman! you look phenomenal. all the details in the dress, your body, the hair, & those shoes. i die. you asked about my red hair. it's totally fake. i've been working on a blog post about it. i will send you a link when i finish it. best wishes on your race! please have fun on your adventure. i hope you take photos to share with us later. :)

  2. How cool that you are off to Switzerland! (No sane person would turn that down!) Enjoy yourself over there and I hope you get to have fun. :)
    I love the diy shoes, that bow really pumps up the color of the shoes and ties it into your dress, very clever! (And that dress looks fantastic on you, you have such great legs.) Oh, and good luck on your 10k!

  3. 1) That is so amazing that you`re going back to Geneva for work- and long enough to do some exploring this time! 2) That dress looks phenonemal on you- I love the colour and I`ve never shopped at Laura- will have to check it out! 3) That DIY really ups the glamour of the shoes- will be borrowing this! 4) My best friend is running a 10K today too- good luck!

  4. The dress is gorgeous. Your mom has a good eye. Wow. Switzerland sounds like fun. Enjoy your trip.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  5. Such a beautiful dress - and I love the back of it - sexy!!!!! The shoes are also perfection!


  6. This dress is gorgeous! your mom has exquisite taste : ) I have to say these pictures turned out lovely and i love the pop of colour from your shoes!

  7. Is it ok that I have a little crush on you? Your bod is AMAZING. I want your legs. I mean, the outfit is great but YOU are H O double T... HOTT. Sorry. So inappropriate. Love you, girl.

  8. I'm sure you were the best dressed! This dress is stunning! LOVE the back, the embellished waist! So beautiful and chic!

  9. Wow! It sounds like you have a lot of excitement coming up in the next few days. What a wonderful opportunity to take a business trip to Switzerland, I'm incredibly envious :) In the meantime, good luck on your 10K and congratulations to B on his amazing triathlon results! Oh, and on a fashion-related note, those shoes are to die for!

  10. Diaryofashortgirl8 June 2012 at 18:13

    Love the shoes!!

  11. OMG.. I must not be getting emails about your blogs anymore for some reason. I was thinking today 'Why haven't I seen any of Kat's cute outfits recently?!'

    This is gorgeous, love the shoes!

  12. asecondglanceblog18 June 2012 at 05:01

    I think that happened to everyone who subscribes to the email notices when I switched over to a new comment system. Sorry! What happens if you try re-following by email?

  13. Hello Kat! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments, it's a pleasure to meet you! You look beautiful in this shot- that dress is gorgeous, the back is really clever and I love what you did with the shoes and earrings. By the way, you say you MC'd- what do you mean exactly by that?

  14. hope you had a lovely time traveling! That sounds like it would have been amazing!!! :) As amazing as your dress. I love the back cutout detail, and how you've paired it with those shoes!

  15. Kat what a great opportunity girl! You look sexy and gorgeous in this dress. Great legs and shoes too. Go get em! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  16. Great look overall... not so sure about the clutch though....

  17. Wow, gorgeous! I didn't realize Laura carried such great clothes. Have a great trip what an amazing opportunity!

  18. look gorgeous, first of all you totally have a great figure to carry that dress, the LBD looks classy and elegant. The detailing on the waist is pretty. I like the peekaboo design at the back as well. And gorgeous pink strappy sandals, I like the pretty bows. Your switzerland work trip sounds amazing, have a really wonderful time!



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