Sunday, May 06, 2012

Black and bling at a 'formal' wedding

I got this column dress with a mesh-and-beaded halter neckline during the clothes swap I hosted earlier this year (score!). When B and I got an invitation to a wedding with a 'formal' dress code, I knew it would be just right. I decided to break the fashion rule of not wearing long earrings next to an elaborate neckline, because ignoring fashion rules is what bloggers do best. It was still pretty chilly so I added my new FAVOURITE THING EVER - a cropped faux fur cardigan I found at Laura for about 80% off, aka $25 (psssst my fellow Canadians, don't dismiss Laura as a store for your's actually got some GREAT stuff, though I tend to stick to the wallet-friendly sales). 

I suppose I could have found a better spot for photos than the hotel stairwell but both my photog-of-the-day C and I were too cold to go outside. At least I thought to place our coolers outside the camera frame. As they say, you can dress 'em up but...


I thought B was looking pretty dapper. He had another great-looking suit, shirt and tie combination picked out but I helpfully suggested he coordinate colours with me. Thanks for being accommodating hun :)

Dress - Swapped (L.O.L.)
Cardigan - Laura
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Earrings - Ardene
Ring - Winners
Clutch - From my grandmother's closet


  1. Ooh you look SO gorgeous!!!! :D
    and B looks quite dapper :)

  2. Love love love LOVE how pretty you look here. The dark hair, the makeup and that dress! Gorgeous!

  3. kat, you look like audrey, straight out of breakfast at tiffany's. :) seriously magnificent! your man looks stylish too. what a lovely couple.

  4. You look incredible! What a beautiful dress, and yay for you for breaking the rules because those earrings look great!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. wow, you look stunning! Great swap find! The dress has beautiful details, you look elegant and stylish in it. The faux fur cardi is fabulous too. I like your hairdo too.


  6. you two look lovely and I love the dress! the cardi from Laura adds that 1950s hollywood flare too it :)

  7. Haha I love that the coolers are just out of sight! ;) This dress is so breathtaking on you, I'm so happy you snatched it up at the swap and I've never been to Laura but you've convinced me (at least for the sales!) You and B are such a good-looking couple- wowza~

  8. That neckline detail is beyond gorgeous, such a lovely dress! You look beautiful.

    xo erica

  9. You look stunning. What an amazing dress. Your husband is HOTT! Is that ok for me to say?

    All the little details: earrings, hair pin, faux fur cardi. Perfection.


  10. You look so gorgeous! And I love that you used your grandma's clutch! I also make the boy coordinate with my colors - gotta love that :)


  11. what a beautiful dress! I really love the sparkly neckline. and that shrug looks so luxe!

  12. gorgeous dress!!

    xo Nav

  13. That's one hell of a dress! Love the slit! Would love to host my own clothes swap- such a wonderful idea! x

  14. you look so beautiful and glam, its fun to see and really bling out look. :)
    This dress is just amazing, I am a huge fan of column dresses(they are so elagent looking and sleek) the neckline is just icing on the cake. I love everything about this look, from your fur shrug, so glam, to your beautiful updo and earrings. And that's awfully cute that you two coordinated your outfits. ^_^


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