Monday, April 06, 2015

A Canadian's guide to jackets: the zip-up sporty jacket

This is the eleventh post in my 'A Canadian's guide to jacket' series. 


THE FORECAST: A crisp and sunny day early spring day with a hint of a cool breeze. 14°C

THE OCCASION: Pretending you just arrived at the grocery store/bank/school pickup from the gym, but really you were just too lazy to pick an outfit (or do your hair)

THE JACKET: Fleece-lined zip-up jacket

This jacket was the most frivolous purchase of the lot. I saw it on a clearance rack at Winners and it was love at first sight. (The photos don't do it justice.) Its neoprene-like outer layer is instantly slimming and creates great clean lines, especially when zipped up all the way. Thin fleece inside lining is soft against the skin. 

The Vuarnet brand is nostalgic and I often get comments on it. How a French powerhouse in the 90s sunglasses scene came to sell what appears to be a single item of sportswear at a Canadian off-price department store, I don't know! But I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more.

Jacket - Vuarnet via Winners
Black tank - Gap
Yellow sports bra - Winners
Shoes - Asics
Socks - TJ Maxx
Hat - Gymboree
Leggings - Ralph Lauren

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