Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Shiny objects, happy people

I'm not a big impulse shopper. Nevertheless, in the span of one week I fell in love with two items I didn't need, but couldn't resist taking home with me. Both shiny, colourful and just gosh-darn pretty, they reinforced my conviction that if I was a bird, I'd definitely be a magpie. 

But even impulse purchases can be smart purchases. With a 40% off friends and family coupon in one hand, and a year-old $30 store credit in the other, these multicoloured danglers from Banana Republic only put me another $8 out of pocket. The top was a thrift store purchase. It's actually a semi-sheer tunic with matching embroidery along the hem and the cuffs, and came with a shell-and-leather string belt. I figured it would make a good bathing suit coverup come summertime. In the meantime, I managed to make an outfit out of the two, along with a pair of turquoise cropped denim pants given away by my coworker.

I'm hoping my mom can perform the laundry miracle I couldn't to get a stain out of the pants after an unfortunate red wine incident later that night. Said spillage took place during a night of general hilarity with B, my sister, and some of my very best friends, which I wouldn't trade for the world.



{Even magpies need to check their makeup in their sister's sunglasses.}

Top - Vero Moda via thrift store
Pants - Bianca Nygard via hand-me-down
Shoes - Vince Camuto via outlet
Earrings - Banana Republic
Bracelets - Hand-me-downs


  1. this is a ery pretty outfit, I love the colours and boho vibe you're channeling here. Those earrings are a steal - I laughed at the year old store credit, sometimes it takes forever to find something you like!

  2. I'm right there with you, Kat - if I were a bird, I'd undoubtedly be a magpie. Interestingly enough, I've found that the problem doesn't afflict me as much if I shop online. If I go into a store, all hope is lost! I do still try to shop sales and take advantage of discounts as much as possible, but eight dollars for those gorgeous pants is a steal! I'm impressed by your shopping skills. And styling skills, too, the colours in this outfit are just wonderful :)

  3. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit. And I am taking you thrift shopping with me. I never have luck on my own. But I have been known to score big in the hand-me-down side of things : )

    I've heard baby powder and ginger ale are supposed to help with wine stains....not exactly sure how...but potential solution? ; )

  4. I love everything about this look. I love to see a little color even in fall. The bold color paired with the black and anchored by neutral shoes looks really great on you.

  5. Such a pretty top! Sorry to hear about the red wine incident. hopefully you can get the stain out!!

  6. Okay, these colors are just all kinds of stunning on you! Wowza! I adore this top and I like how you wore in in such a pretty fun style rather than going for a more predictable boho vibe. (Again, these colors are amazing on you.)


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