Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello! It's good to be back after a couple of weeks of not blogging. Between my vacation, a bout of stomach flu, a busy stretch at the office and general weariness with winter, I haven't been making time for a second glance. This pastel skirt and blouse combination ended up being just the pick-me-up I needed from my Mom, who surprised me with them after a trip to the outlets in the US. She's the kind of person who rarely buys anything for herself but regularly get her kids little gifts even though we're all 'growed up'. So sweet! 

Anyways, I wanted the outfit to reflect the transition into spring so I wore a dark blazer in an equally playful print. Translational was a fitting theme for this post because it also hints at my new ombr√© hair colour! (I have some better pictures in upcoming posts).

Have you guys been having weather blahs? How do you deal?
Are any of you going ombr√© this spring?


Blazer - Thrifted (George) (most recently here)
Blouse - Banana Republic via outlets
Top - Banana Republic via outlets
Shoes - Thrifted (Aldo)
Earrings - Laura
Ring - Winners


  1. I love this Kat! The skirt is the perfect spring pick me up. I can definitely relate to the weather blahs and spring cannot get here soon enough. I've been faking it by wearing bright colors :) Heather

  2. Love the colour of that skirt and the print on your blouse :) Anything to get spring here faster!

  3. kat, you mixed the spring colors with the blazer very well! are you going to show us your vacation photos, when you feel up to it, maybe? sorry about your stomach flu. boo. :( glad you're feeling better. as for the commercial i was in. a long old time ago. i hope no one can look it up. just because it feels like a lifetime ago. i don't even know if that local tv network is still around. i don't live in the state it was filmed in, anymore.

  4. Your mom has great taste! She picked out two absolutely beautiful spring pieces for you, and you worked well with your blazer to style them in a seasonally appropriate way - which is tough and a little depressing when spring just refuses to come!


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