Monday, January 21, 2013

Turtleneck and handmade jewellery

I wanted my jewellery to stand out in this post, so I kept the rest of the look clean and streamlined.  My cousin R drew my name for our Secret Santa gift exchange this year and made me this beautiful necklace and drop earring set. The beads remind me of Christmas baubles so wearing it feels like I'm keeping the spirit of the holidays alive year-round. I also love that the earrings are deliberately mismatched. I used to make jewellery in my teens so I know how long something this intricate it must have taken. Thank you so much R! On another note, R and her little sister O agreed to stand in my wedding as part of the bridal party - yay!! 

I found these wool-blend Theory pants in Florida at Neiman Marcus Last Call for almost 80% off. It was my first time in the store and I was in heaven. *Sigh* I added tights and strappy heels but I'm not really feeling it now based on how these pictures turned out. Let's chalk it up to creative destruction and hopefully I'll make way for something better next time! This another post where I couldn't decide between belt/no belt. If you have an opinion, feel free to weigh in in the comment section.


Turtleneck - Banana Republic
Pants - Theory via outlet
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Tights - Gap
Necklace/earrings - Handmade
Belt - Mexx


  1. Handmade gifts are always the best! This necklace is absolutely gorgeous and pairs well with the pink.

  2. I really LOVE the necklace and the earring set! You're right-- they are like baubles and are so adorable! Simple is best so they stand out. On the trousers, I love the material and the cut, and I like it belted with this look better, but I think they'd look great with flats rather than the heels. Still, they're lovely pants!
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  3. What a beautiful jewellery set, even more special that it's handmade by someone you love! This hue of pink is beautiful on you and I like the look better without the belt, more streamlined (and that's coming from someone with a belt collection!)

  4. kat, of course i have an opinion. i like the necklace. the pants are wonderful. the color of your shoes with your turtleneck look great on you. i give this outfit an A. :)

  5. That is truly a stunning bespoke jewellery that perfectly matches your turtleneck outfit. The fact that it is handmade is a plus factor. Kudos to your impressive fashion sense!


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