Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shades of grey

Usually, the hardest part of a outfit for me to plan is the footwear; I don't feel especially creative when it comes to that. (It doesn't help that half my shoe collection resides at the office). I do a lot of walking so my footwear has to be practical and sturdy enough for urban Canadian weather. Anyways, the whole visible socks idea has been intriguing me; I love when I see men and women alike pulling it off with panache. With this outfit, worn a couple of weeks ago, I decided to just take the plunge and roll my skinny jeans above a pair of black (baby steps!) socks and taupe booties.
As an aside - It always amazes me when bloggers independently come up with similar outfits. Tasha Delrae, who's been showcasing some wicked pregnancy fashion, recently wore a similar sweater and scarf. I love that she threw in a third mixed print in the form of a graphic black and white dress - great idea. Here's the link to her post.

Jeans - Forever 21
Sweater - Thrifted (Tristan)
Tank - Winners
Belt - Mexx
Scarf - Consigned (also here)
Socks - Costco
Shoes - Old Navy
Earrings - Le Chateau


  1. really nice!great sweater!!!

  2. I like the exposed sock look, it's cute!

  3. Hi dear :) I love you blog, I'm definitely following :) Hope you stop by at my blog too and follow back if you like it :) And I'm your 100th followe hihi :)

    Mia :*

  4. asecondglanceblog4 January 2013 at 22:04

    Thanks for coming by Mia! Could you leave me your blog address?

  5. I love visible socks, they add a little interest and dude, ankles need to be warm when it's cold out! I really like the dark shocks with the lighter booties, it looks very streamline with the darker pants. I love the subtle pattern mixing with the scarf and the sweater as well!

  6. Some great clothes and jewelery!! Really liked your blog and hope to see more pics.

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