Friday, June 29, 2012

A sundress and a floppy hat

I thrifted this casual sundress last fall and waited a full 9 months to pull it out of my closet. I like how the wavy stripes evoke an animal print and create an illusion that keeps the eye roving. The mid-calf length, while not my usual style, is great for showing off fun footwear. I originally planned to wear this dress with black sandals, until I realized my pink ones were a perfect colour match for the roses along the hem. I added a floppy hat that always seems to remind me of Samantha's patio scene from Sex and the City, minus the extramarital dalliances. I'm ready to relax on a patio with a colourful cocktail! On that note, happy long weekend to my fellow Canucks.



Dress - Thrifted
Hat - Winners
Pins (on hat) - Thailand markets
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Earrings - Walmart
Necklace - Gift


  1. Ah ha, the floppy hat again! (You look so lovely in it, hats so work for you!) That was such a good idea going with your colorful heels rather than the black ones, the bright color really helps make this look special and fun. (And it flays up the pretty pattern around the hemline!) I really like the simple look you went for with your jewelry, the silver pendant really lets the dress stand out. :)

  2. kat, i was just wondering if you were back from your trip yet. you look terrific! i like the pink sandals, & the floppy hat. :) it must have been tough to wait 9 months to wear that dress. in texas you would have got to wear it in april. have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. Kat, I love this look! such a cute dress and the hat looks so good on you.

  4. Lovely dress! The pink shoes are much more fun than black ones too :) We didn't actually make it to the archeology museum unfortunately haha, too many things to fit in a day.

  5. I just love that dress! Zebra and florals! Such a fun mix!


  6. Tammy @ Silverstyle2 July 2012 at 17:24

    I love it! It would come in handy today 1630 and still 95 degrees! BTW, i did notice you holding onto your hat!

  7. This dress is a great find, love how the shoes pull out the pink in the dress :) love the floppy hat too, I pulled mine out this weekend ad well!

  8. That last pic with your hair and dress being blown by the wind is absolutely GORgeous. You look amazing in hats, btw!

    Re: Pride scarf. I actually call it my pride scarf. I was so sad to miss the pride parade in SF this year but my parents were in town. My very intolerant parents. Soooooo, next year.


  9. How FUN is this outfit!!! I've been gravitating a lot more towards the mid length- it looks really beautiful on you with your long modelesque legs! Haha loved that scene in Sex and the City- that was an insanely large hat- yours is more proportionate! Plus the pink shoes- yowza!

  10. I loved this outfit f your especially you amazing pink heels! they just went so well together! and that scene from sex and the city still makes me laugh :)

  11. Those sandals are perfect in every way! I absolutely love the pink shade - even more so because it perfectly matches the flowers on your dress. I'm a sucker for matchy things; I often match my lipstick and nailpolish :)


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