Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In defiance

I'm wearing this skirt and these shoes in defiance of a salesperson whose boutique I visited during my Christmas shopping. I went in wearing the same bottom half as in these pictures (I assure you, I had a top on too). I didn't find what I needed, and headed for the door. On my way out, the salesperson placed her hand on my arm and said 'Can I offer you a suggestion?' Curious, I said okay. She then pointed to my legs and asked me if I could see how my ankle-height booties, sheer tights and pencil skirt were 'chop chop' and did not create a nice line. She then tried to sell me tights in the same colour as my shoes. I've never worked in fashion retail, but I'm guessing commenting on a customer's CURRENT outfit is not in the training manual. And I think that I have long enough legs to pull it off. I know I'll never manage a waspish waist with curvy hips or gorgeous decolletage, but I play up my assets. As I left the store (without the suggested tights) I overheard her reassuring a women in a dress 3 sizes too small and 4 inches too short that she did indeed look great. I shook my head and vowed to never return.

Top – Chanel (also here)
Skirt – Mexx (also here and here)
Shoes – Old Navy
Bracelets – Gifted and Joe Fresh
Earrings – Witchery

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  1. That's a Chanel thrifted blouse? Be still my heart! How rude- I can't believe she would say that! You have amazingly long legs- now on me- yes it would chop off my legs but on you, it looks incredible!

  2. Love the blouse!! Wow!


  3. That's so weird- I think it looks fantastic! I wore a similar combo and I'm only 5''1 with short little legs, so I shudder to think what she would have said to me!

  4. People like that make me want to barf - also I love teh ankle bootie look, I was rocking it a lot when I was home in December!

    Bangs are still looking amazing!

  5. how rude, you didn't even ask for her advice
    you should stop by that store in a month just to see if said woman is still working there lol
    great blouse here!

  6. I am astonished! I can't imagine anyone actually saying that! What a jerk. I think it looks really unexpected but it does work! Also, I can't believe you thrifted that top...extreme jealously. I'm hosting my first giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter!


  7. I am loving that skirt! And wow what a dumb lady!!! *rolls eyes* dumb sales people

  8. haha...I'm glad you totally ignored her suggestion! I know she might be totally right about the "chop chop" thing...but not about the "nice line" comment...yes ankle boots and a knee length skirt might shorten a persons legs, but what does it matter when you have super long legs to begin with?!?! Those fashion rules were meant for breaking when you have fab legs like that!

  9. kat you look great, but you don't need me to state the obvious. i've worked at a couple clothing stores. i think that girl was just trying to up her sales.

  10. Beautiful blog dear! your an inspiration!!!btw, i'm your newest follower now,hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxoxo..

  11. such a cute top! thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. visit me again soon.


    Fashion Steele NYC

  12. I can't believe she said that to you! Some people just don't think when it comes to making more sales.

    xo erica

  13. Umm, she's wrong. And also? KICK. That's me kicking her leg. That's so passive/aggressive.

    You look beautiful in these shots. Very nice outfit. Love the booties with the skirt.


  14. You look so pretty and I love that nail polish. Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at http://grassettagillie.blogspot.com, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  15. very chic, great. I am your new follower, pls follow back if you like;


  16. I love your Chanel blouse, how beautiful and what a great thrift find Kat. I have to go back and read your broccoli recipe. Great outfit you look really sleek and pretty. dawn suitcase vignettes xo Have a great weekend Kat!!

  17. As a retail associate/consignment store manager I am officially embarrassed by that woman! They must have some sort of quota and that's why she grabbed you as you were leaving, but still! Annnd, if you were wearing these same booties, the color is neutral and therefore, leg-lengthening! I also really despise sales associates that try so hard to make a sale, they offer bad advice (dress too small looks good, etc) I don't work on commission, so I don't lie to customers - and it makes a difference!!!
    Anyway, sorry to rant - I LOVE that top!!! Can't believe you thrifted a Chanel - jealous :)


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